Writing Challenges

Take up these writing challenges and increase your strength in writing.  Be sure to check out this page eveyr once in a while, as it will get updated with new drills and challenges.

Adding A Backstory! 

Drill Purpose:  Writing for a long time, creativity, drafting practice, competiton practice


Watch this video, which is a clip from an old but funny TV show called I Love Lucy.  While watching (and/or rewatching!) this clip, think about how you could write a backstory for this situation.  Where did Lucy get arrested?  Who actually gave her the money?

If you have already seen this whole episode, or if you can speak French, Spanish, or German, think about what the people who can’t speak English are thinking.  Maybe you could try writing a diary or journal entry from their perspective, or have them tell their families what happened over dinner.

A few definitions, in case you are confused:

Counterfeit money: fake money that looks real.

Genuine: Another word for real or original.

Now, it’s writing time!  For extra challange, set a timer using this link and see how much you can write.


Make sure to shut down your inner critic before you begin to write so that you can get your story moving!  The inner critic is there for editing, not drafting:-)

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