Noticing Small Parts and More With Sara

Hey guys, this is Sara!

I know that I pretty much never post, and I’m so sorry. I was planning to do it a long time ago but I went to Canada, and I didn’t have any time… When I came back, my computer broke and it ended up being about two weeks before it got repaired. Again, I’m so sorry. But I’m back!

Anyways I wanted to talk about some things I got to witness in Canada.

When we were driving back home, we went to grab some food for lunch. We finally found a place to eat at. While we were eating there was a man in the corner, fiddling on a violin. I thought that was really cool and soon he started stomping to the rhythm. The room was flooded with music, almost bouncing off of each wall.

I want to share this moment with you guys because I wanted to say that it’s the small moments that count. Though this moment might be very simple and short, you could write a decent two pages about this moment that captures the reader’s eyes.


Also, I’m going to try to write a manga. For those who may not know what a manga is, it’s a Japanese graphic novel. Personally, I really like drawing manga people and writing, so I decided to give it a shot. I got the idea when I was reading a manga called Bakuman, which was written by the people who wrote the manga Death Note. (I highly recommend these manga series) It’s about two high school boys who try to make a manga series and their struggles while doing so. I convinced my dad to eventually get me an IPad on which I can draw on with a pen. I am thinking of some ideas on the plot so far, right now I’m thinking of writing a Sci-Fi. If you have any good plot ideas, be sure to email us at!

Writing Group

Additionally, Vika, Anita, and I have created a writing group with others; we meet up when we can and discuss topics that can help our writing! I suggest you do this with our own group of friends who like to write!

We assigned everyone a topic to teach for our first meeting at our local library. For example, Vika planned to teach us about character-development. Another friend helped her by acting out what the character would act like. Once we finalized our main character, Vika brought in clothes and asked us which ones our character would be likely to wear. The friend acting out the character put on these clothes, and it really changed how she acted, it allowed us to understand the character and think of the character’s eyes.


This is all, for now, guys and I’ll be sure to post more often now! Hope Y’all have a great rest of your summer!


~ Sara

(A special thanks to Anita, Vika, and my mom for editing this!)


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