In Your Own Words – Plagiarizing

Skill: Plagiarism

Everyone knows about plagiarism, or at least everyone should. If you don’t, let me briefly explain it to you. Plagiarism is when you directly copy someone else’s words and use them as your own. Doing this is very bad, and can get you into serious trouble. Here is a challenge that we have created for you to see how much you plagiarize.

Read the following paragraph, and then in the comments below, write a few sentences restating everything in the paragraph in your own words. Do not plagiarize. The point of this is to see where you are in plagiarizing, and to see how you can improve by looking at others ways of transforming this paragraph.

Animal: The Corey

The corey lives in the vast desert of Cumpala. It feeds on sand and green flowers. It drinks a liquid called notu. Notu tastes like apple juice with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Coreys tend to be awake during the day, and asleep at night. While asleep, they grow to about 10x their original size, and during the day they shrink down to 2x the normal size. Because of this, you might think they grow very fast, but unfortunately, they only live for about a week.

So now, can you say all of this in your own words? Comment below!

Okay, so now that you’ve tried that out, let’s see how we can make sure we don’t plagiarize. If you are doing a research paper, and you are getting some information from a book or a website, the first thing you want to do is read only that passage. Then, close the book with a bookmark or close the website page, and on your notes sheet or on another document, write down everything you remember. You can look back to the book or website if you need dates, ages, or anything specific. By doing this, you get to know that you don’t plagiarize, because you are writing from your memory. 

Happy non-plagiarizing! ~Anita

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