The next thing that you need to think about is adding in background information to your conflict mountain.  During this step, you might want to add in the beginning to your story so the reader befriends the characters and pities them when they end up in a sticky situation.  You also need to explain how they ended up with the conflict.  In the previous example, here are some things you could add in the plot.  The conflicts are in blue here, and the rest of the plot that is added in at this step is in green.

  1. The main characters (Jeff, Bella, Marcus, and Loretta) are in their car, driving to a hiking mountain.
  2. They stop for a bathroom break and then realize that they lost the city map.  Even worse, their phones can’t access any internet and they don’t have a GPS!
  3. Marcus gets tired of being cooped up in the back seat and gets car sick.  Bella starts doing her homework because she just remembered she hasn’t finished it yet.  Jeff is driving, and Loretta is trying to get everyone to sing a group song because she is bored.
  4. Marcus feels really sick and has a headache.  They finally arrive at the hiking resort.
  5. They make friends with Rob, who Marcus knows from his summer job.
  6. There is a big argument because Jeff, Bella, and Loretta want to go to the tallest mountain and help Marcus get over is fear of heights.  Marcus doesn’t want to admit that he is scared, but he also doesn’t want to go on the mountain.  The next day he starts staying in the same room as Rob and ditches the others.
  7. Jeff, Bella, and Loretta want to drive to the nearby mall but find that their car was stolen.  They file a report.
  8. They decided to go hiking, but instead stopped at the visitors center first.
  9. A big earthquake happens and destroys the resort and everything they own in it.
  10. Marcus and Rob return to help them out and Marcus gives them food and money.
  11. They get back home from the hike.