The middle of your story is the part where all the planning you did comes in real handy.  Now all you need to do is to gently guide the plot towards the ending you want, aiming for the points you had on your story map.

If you just started using our website now and didn’t spend very much time planning, you might want to try to take a small break and chart where your story goes.  For some people though, writing unstructured helps them focus better.

The bottom line: do whatever works for you, but keep in mind how important the middle is.

Another thing you should probably think about with the middle is how to keep the reader engaged and interested.  Maybe you are adding too much description or thinking.  For example, if your characters are going on a hike to fight the monster at the top of the map, don’t talk about the food they ate before in detail!  This could be an example off too much thinking if they are staring at the top and all one character can think about is the delicious sandwich they just ate……

On the other hand, that could provide comic relief to lighten up the story.  It really depends how long he or she goes on about the sandwich.

A place you could add too much description is if they are almost at the top of the hill and they stop to photograph the view.  This would really annoy the reader becasue, come on, if there is a monster nearby, taking pictures of the view is not helpful!  Those selfies your characters took could end up being the last living record of them if it take too long.

Again though, you have to keep in mind that sometimes having this sort of comic relief is also a good thing.  You just need to make sure you find a balance between too much comic relief and none at all.