Your beginning is very important. If your beginning is not good enough it won’t get as many readers. Here is some things it needs to include….

  • It needs to hook the reader in.
  • It needs to explain the setting and what is going on.  You can hook them in the first paragraph and if you have really short chapters, explain what is going on in the second paragraph/short chapter.
  • Your beginning should probably be quick.  Don’t spend two chapters writing out a ton of background information.  If the reader really needs it, you can create a book about it seperately, like Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them for Harry Potter, or you could sprinkle it in for the reader on a need-to-know basis.  Or, you could an old timey thing like fancy copies of the Three Musketeers and add footnotes.

Having trouble with you beginning?  Don’t worry!  It might help to try to list what you want to be in your beginning.  You can also post a comment about it, either with your account or anonymously with the link you can find under Open Discussions, but an important thing for writing a strong beginning is to give yourself time.   Maybe spend five minutes thinking about it, and if you are having a total brain freeze on it, save it for later and work on something else.  After at least ten minutes, try again.  Try to think about leads outside of when you are writing.  This might also help.