Time Travel

Time Travel is a type of fiction, where a character(s) travel through time, either into the future or into the past. Many famous books have done this, but it doesn’t always have to be a time travel machine. Many have decided to use ordinary objects and put some power in it, yet others are set on the idea of creating massive objects for time travel.

Although it may seem easy, there are many important parts in time travel:

– You must make sure that all of the facts (If your character is going into the past) are correct.

If you are going into the past, the most important part, and the most difficult part of it is making sure the facts are correct. For example, if your character is going into the past to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, you cannot change the place he was assassinated from Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. to Ally’s Theater, just to make it fit with your story. If you do not have the correct facts, and the reader notices, they might think you are not educated or didn’t put effort into the story. Because of this, your story may not even get to be published.

– Do not make the story cheesy

Stories can become very cheesy and boring, especially when the idea is going into the past and changing it. This can make the reader very bored, and suspect that the author is not original with his/her ideas. If this was your original idea, and I just ruined, it, fear not. There are ways that this can happen, but make the reader interested. A way to save your story is by making something unexpected happen in the past, that will change the current time in a way that the reader might not know it. A very bad example is: A boy wants to go back in time to get a nail since he has no more. (Do you see how lame this example is? Make it more interesting by commenting in the blog about it!) The first thing he sees is a nail in a big factory. Since there are many in the factory, he unscrews one from the outside structure. Pleased, he returns back to the current time only to find out that the factory collapsed because of his doing, and it destroyed all phones that were being manufactured. Now the people had objects called togles which was a rip-off of phones.

Another way a time travel story can become cheesy is if the future is what everyone thinks it is. Robots and cyborgs are becoming a common ‘theme’ in futuristic stories. It is not that robots and cyborgs are bad, it is just that there is a right and a wrong way to do it.