Satire is a genre full of sarcasm- that is, verbal irony with a punch of meanness.  This genre can be hard to write because the reader won’t want to ‘slip inside’ and care about the main character if they are mean and sarcastic or if they are constantly being bullied emotionally throughout the book- the story is too sad.

Although Satire may seem humorous, it is actually not necessary. Some types of satire strictly do not have laughter in it, so first of all you want to check which type you are writing, and what its rules are.

A great way to strengthen your satire story is by exaggeration the facts and using hyperboles. This way, your story gets a bit more interesting, and it makes fits along well with the sarcasm.

What is Irony?

Irony, in short terms, is saying one thing but meaning something else. Here are some examples:

There’s a drought here at Seattle.

Gee that brick is as hard as putty…

The house is as clean as a dump.

This chair is so comfortable, it feels like I’m sitting on nails.

The locker room smells real good!

I can’t wait to write my 100 page essay!

What is sarcasm?

Sarcasm is similar to irony, but has some few differences. Here is an example of sarcasm:

Question: Bob had 39 chocolate bars. He ate 29 of them. What does he have now?

Answer: Diabetes