Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is writing about something that could have happened but didn’t.  This genre is often based off real life, which can make it hard for the writer to  not be embarrassed over the event. Another challenge realistic fiction writers face is that they don’t want to hurt a friends feelings when they are writing about characters inspired by them or characters with their names.

On the other hand, realistic fiction doesn’t have to be from your life. It could be something that you have always wanted to happen to you, such as getting a phone. You can write about what you have done to convince your parents, or what you want to convince your parents of. This can help in real life, because if you write this, then you can play with what people say and how they react. This is good because when (or if) you go to ask your parents for a phone, you can always be ready for an answer, because you have played with your character and thought about different answers to write in your book.