Horror writing is the book version of the ghost stories told by the campfire and on sleepovers.  These are stories that keep you up at night, afraid to shut your eyes or turn off the lights in case the monsters are real and coming for you.  These are the suspenseful stories that keep you on the edge of your seat and make your heart pound at twice its normal speed.  These are the stories full of blood and ghosts and ghouls and talking dolls and all of your fears- these are your nightmares described to the fullest, goriest extent they could possible go to.

They say that writing in a diary can help you get over strong emotions.  Horror writers do something like that.  Their stories are their fears channeled under a microscope where all good is invisible.  Writing their stories down for them is like preserving their fears in stone.

Horror isn’t a common genre for kids books because anyone who writes horror for kids has to balance out the scary so it’s young readers will be able to enjoy the book and sleep at night.  The most famous horror book series for kids is Goosebumps by R. L. Stine.  Many of the books in this series let readers pick their own adventure and are written in second person.  However, horror can be hard to write because the writer has to be able to keep their audience on the edge of their seats while not going overboard on the scary, making it ridiculous.