Graphic Novel


Not only is a graphic novel easy to read, but you can also feel the grasp of it. Developing a good graphic novel is key to becoming a successful author in a graphic novel.

What is a Graphic Novel?

Graphic novels and comic books are different because they are easy to read while getting a complicated story across.  For example, say you just moved to a different country and are having a hard time speaking and reading the national language. You wouldn’t want to read a three hundred page book in that language, even if it was by your favorite author.  But, if that book was a three hundred page graphic novel, then you would have to read less. You would still see what was going on from the very specific pictures that depict every moment.  Once you are fluent in that language, you might still like reading graphic novels. It is like watching a cartoon in the sense that you can see everything without having not imagine it.

Problems that a Graphic-Novel Writer might get:

One big problem with graphic novels is that the writer’s vision has to be illustrated on the page.  To do that you need to be good at drawing. A person who works well with you can also draw the pictures like you see them.

Another problem is that the story might stray from the original plot. Be sure to stay on topic and not let the reader get too distracted.


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If you want to try using a graphic novel template, here is a great one from Crayola.  Maybe it can be your next birthday gift!

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