Drills: Going to War

Skill: Writing high-action scenes

Hi Guys,

It’s Vika with a quick exercise in memory of Memorial Day, a holiday celebrated today in the US.  Basically, for those who don’t celebrate, it is a day to honor all of the people fighting to protect the people who live in the US, as well as veterans of these kinds of public service.  This includes people who fight in the army, navy, and coast guard, to name a few…

So, just to get something going for those of you who are out of long-term ideas or really, really, bored, how about you guys try writing a scene focusing on what it might be like to serve in the army.  It’s good practice, right?   And, to be honest, who doesn’t like a good action and adventure story?

Need some extra info?  Here are a few links. 




Now, writing time.  Imagine that a character you have made up is in the army, fighting in a fantasy war with similar conditions to modern day armies.  What do they think or feel?  Are the afraid?  What do they think of their cause?  Have they lost a loved one to this war?  Who do they think of to keep themselves going?  Where would they be without the army?  Have they made many friends in their regiment?  Where is their family?  What do they think of while training?  And, more importantly, what is it like for them in battle?

Maybe you can set a goal for how much to write at a minimum.  Try writing for fifteen minutes and see how far you get.  Next time, up it to twenty.  If you are still having trouble, maybe this image will inspire you.  Clicking on it also leads to other possibly inspiring images, as this is the link to a charity for veterans:-)

 Have fun!






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