Changing Points of View

I’m here with another writing challenge for all of you, focusing on the different points of view. This activity really challenges you to push yourself to look at your short story in different ways. First of all, you might not all know what points of view are. But then again, maybe you do. Lets go over it, just to be sure.

Points of View:
  • First Person – In first person point of view, the story is telling his/her own story. Remember, it is not an auto biography, and it can be fiction. First person can use words such as: I, me.
  • Second Person – In second person point of view, the story is telling you what you do, and how you do those things and how you notice and experience them. Second person can use words such as: you.
  • Third Person – In third person point of view, the story is being told by an outsider, who is watching the events unfold. This, and first person point of view are common. Third person uses words such as: he, she, it, they.

That was a quick overview for you. Now its your turn to try it out. Take a short story you wrote, or write a new one, and try to change the point of view it was written in. On challenge would be second person, which I highly recommend. I remember that second person was the most difficult for me, because I had to change the pronouns to work. 

Good Luck! ~Anita

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