The Jelly Bean Challenge

The Jelly Bean Challenge

Skill: Description

Happy Holidays, guys!  It’s Vika.  To whisk away the old year, here is a game you can play that I know you guys will be exceptionally good at.

It’s very simple.  First, get your hands on some jelly beans or a food.  It can be anything, but make sure to keep it simple so that kids who don’t live where you live will know the food.  So, no fried plantains or seasoned roast beef with spices or something.  The taste of the food needs to be obvious and recognisable.

Next, look at the food and write down what you see.  Write about things like the color and the shape.  You can smell it too, and talk about how it feels when you touch it.  Is it smooth?  Bumpy?  Rubbery?  Soft?  Fizzy?  Is the smell strong and garlicky or soft and sweet?  Is it purple, green, or red?

When you finish with that, eat it!  Describe the taste, and texture.  What does it make you think of?  How much do you need to chew it?  Is it spicy, sweet, or salty?

Finally, type up your description on our site in the comments or in the link below.  Add in a few options for what it is.  If you are eating jelly beans, list all of the possible flavors and if the back of your back has pictures, add them in.  That way other people can guess what you are describing. 

Here is the link:

Good luck!

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